Discover a new way to enjoy your favorite food. The Twister is a fresh take on an old tradition that helps you enjoy your favorite food without making a mess. Using a spoon while eating spaghetti is sometimes considered bad form, and a regular fork can require skill and patience. Body of The Twister is mostly round to ensure easier twisting, while its wavy tines keep the pasta in place, so you can focus on the taste, and not on the physics.



Laura A. Lord

My grandmother saved stale bread
in a wooden box on the third shelf
in her little pantry closet. She put it
on hold, as if the bread had come to
some strange junction in its life
where famished children must wait
and watch to see what it would become.

No one could question the temerity of
that woman. There was a strong line,
bright as a shining vein of sapphire
that ran in knowing little paths
across hands that could jettison a
fistful of blanks just as easily
as it could tear stale bread into chunks –
transform those chunks into an age-old,
famous stuffing recipe or into the luxurious,
rich mountains of golden baked pineapple.

I frequently found myself sitting on
the suitcase in the pantry closet and
playing with small wooden horses,
there, by the bread box. I wondered
what the stale bread would be by
dinner time…

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Spotty Bed Sheet

I remember sometimes, when I was a kid, my father would take me home from school. He wouldn’t bring his car so that we could walk. On the way, we would talk about school, the construction sites we saw, and ice cream. The delicious ice cream of the most ordinary, wonderful ice cream shop of the large city with its rectangular building and a door at the end of two steps, vertical to one long, curtain-less window. Whenever I asked him if we could go there, he’d agree. But I was too shy to ask. Maybe I thought it was childish. Or maybe I just didn’t want to risk being rejected.

During our walks, when we didn’t talk, I’d look down at my feet and stare at the pattern that moved past us. I can still remember that sidewalk’s tiles: every tile shaped like a four-petalled flower, some light gray…

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An interesting wine with an interesting story

The Plate and the Bottle

In the late 18th century when prisons became overcrowded in England, the government started shipping convicts to the colony of Austrailia. Above you will see a list of crimes punishable by transportation. It is a very interesting list of crimes that includes some of the expected, Grand and Petty Larceny, and some of the not so usual, such as Impersonating an Egyptian and Stealing a shroud out of a grave. Whatever the cause of such a list, if you found yourself being convicted of one of the crimes you could be thrown aboard a leaky tub and sent to Australia.

Thus begins the story of the wine that was inspired by the list and the criminals that were shipped to the penal colony of Australia.

The wine that I tried was the 2013 Cabernet by 19 crimes. This inky dark cab had dark fruit and spice on the nose. On…

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Masterchef 2015 Winner!!

Masterchef 2015 season was a very intense season with the talented judges George Calombaris, Gary Mehigan and Matt Preston.
The young inspired lady Billie McKay a young Australian aged 29 deserved to win the title Australia’s 2015 Masterchef.
She got a lifetime prize of $250,000, a car and a regular column in a national food magazine.

McKay was raised on a dairy farm in Bowraville, New South Wales.  Prior to competing on MasterChef, she was a restaurant manager in Ballina,New South Wales, this would have been a huge help for her as she would have had plenty of experience.
Georgia Barnes was the runner-up and received $20,000 and the experience also well deserved as she kept constant through out the season.

Billie McKay winning dish for the 2015 Masterchef!