Discover a new way to enjoy your favorite food. The Twister is a fresh take on an old tradition that helps you enjoy your favorite food without making a mess. Using a spoon while eating spaghetti is sometimes considered bad form, and a regular fork can require skill and patience. Body of The Twister is mostly round to ensure easier twisting, while its wavy tines keep the pasta in place, so you can focus on the taste, and not on the physics.


One thought on “TWISTER FORK

  1. I think that this post is effective as it has an informative tone as it is an article that is used to promote the twister fork. The advert is very descriptive that is used to persuade the public to buy the product. The audience for the passage is the general public because so many people have to cook for their families everyday. The advert is effective as it has a visual image of the item and so the product seems more inviting to buy.


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