Spotty Bed Sheet

I remember sometimes, when I was a kid, my father would take me home from school. He wouldn’t bring his car so that we could walk. On the way, we would talk about school, the construction sites we saw, and ice cream. The delicious ice cream of the most ordinary, wonderful ice cream shop of the large city with its rectangular building and a door at the end of two steps, vertical to one long, curtain-less window. Whenever I asked him if we could go there, he’d agree. But I was too shy to ask. Maybe I thought it was childish. Or maybe I just didn’t want to risk being rejected.

During our walks, when we didn’t talk, I’d look down at my feet and stare at the pattern that moved past us. I can still remember that sidewalk’s tiles: every tile shaped like a four-petalled flower, some light gray…

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One thought on “Patterns

  1. The style and language of the story creates a very visual atmosphere. The descriptions of the patterns that are described are very effective and show the reader what the boy thinks. The colours that he explains the patterns to be shows the reader that he is a reserved person as the colour blue creates a sense of being reserved and quite. The excessive use of the word ‘red’ shows that he had a passions for the patterns with the colour red in it. The colour red shows that the he is very emotional as it is an emotional intense colour. The atmosphere created is a very free and clam atmosphere as it is what the boy like to do, look at patterns. The patterns he describers are very visual as it gives the writer a sense of what is going on in his mind. The descriptions give us a feeling of a slight emotional background by the words he uses such as ‘digesting its red and white curbstones’. Overall the writer creates an atmosphere by the language used and the informal free tone used to express the emotions that are conveyed in the passage.


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