An interesting wine with an interesting story

The Plate and the Bottle

In the late 18th century when prisons became overcrowded in England, the government started shipping convicts to the colony of Austrailia. Above you will see a list of crimes punishable by transportation. It is a very interesting list of crimes that includes some of the expected, Grand and Petty Larceny, and some of the not so usual, such as Impersonating an Egyptian and Stealing a shroud out of a grave. Whatever the cause of such a list, if you found yourself being convicted of one of the crimes you could be thrown aboard a leaky tub and sent to Australia.

Thus begins the story of the wine that was inspired by the list and the criminals that were shipped to the penal colony of Australia.

The wine that I tried was the 2013 Cabernet by 19 crimes. This inky dark cab had dark fruit and spice on the nose. On…

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One thought on “An interesting wine with an interesting story

  1. I enjoyed the passage because it shows that there is meaning about the wine. The prisoners made a wine from the ingredients they had which apparently tastes wonderful. The passage attracted me as my family and i love tasting new cheeses and wine and this wine can go with aged cheese as stated. My sisters and i were bought up to appreciate the taste and not to just eat it and so the passage makes you want to taste the wine as prisoners made it and there is history behind it


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